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Dating stella harmony guitars

———————————————— A bit of background on how I got involved in all this.

I’ve been playing and working on guitars for decades.

Just enjoy looking at cool, funky, unusual guitars? I AM NOT SELLING THESE ITEMS and you cannot contact sellers via the comments section of this blog.

I also get historic Oscar Schmidts back to playing condition, after 80 to 100 years they are usually ready for a going-over.

The process is similar, except their braces are already where they should be and are the correct thickness, but some or all have usually cracked or popped loose.

I’v got an lp of a dozen or so different historic violins being played for comparison, a demonstration record really. A bass bar running longitudinally and a sound post, that’s it.

Yes, the design of the ribs is more intricate than the curves of the guitar’s sides, but the inside is still stripped-down simple.

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So is the inside of an Oscar Schmidt guitar, there is something to be learned from that.