Dating stanley no 4 planes muscle dating

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Dating stanley no 4 planes

In 1918 an air-powered handheld planing tool was developed to reduce shipbuilding labor during World War I.

The air-driven cutter spun at 8000 to 15000 rpm and allowed one man to do the planing work of up to fifteen men who used manual tools.

Planing is also used to produce horizontal, vertical, or inclined flat surfaces on workpieces usually too large for shaping, where the integrity of the whole requires the same smooth surface.Most planes fall within the categories (by size) of block plane, smoothing plane, and jointing plane.Specialty planes include the shoulder plane, router plane, bullnose plane, and chisel plane, among others. 7), while a designation, such as 5-1/4 indicates the length of a No.Planes of this type have been found in excavations of old sites as well as drawings of woodworking from medieval Europe and Asia.The earliest known examples of the woodworking plane have been found in Pompeii although other Roman examples have been unearthed in Britain and Germany.

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