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The earliest dates were derived from total bone carbon.

The reliability of these early measurements was almost immediately questioned because bone dates frequently contradicted dates obtained from stratigraphically associated wood and charcoal.

The genes that encode collagen are highly conserved both between collagen types and across species.

Organisms on widely separated branches of the evolutionary tree have collagen genes with similar structure.

The following discussion deals first with collagen dating.

It begins with a description of the structure of the protein itself, followed by a presentation of the five common methods used for collagen extraction from bones and teeth.

The collagen content of tooth dentin is similar to that of bone.One of the main challenges in radiocarbon dating skeletal materials is reliably removing the exogenous carbon that has accumulated within the sample over time.Many different sample preparation protocols have been developed to cope with different sources and levels of contamination.This is because, in contrast with bone mineral, collagen does not readily exchange carbon with its surrounding environment.Collagens are in fact a family of proteins (Nelson and Cox ).

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