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Sure, he could try to rob you and maybe succeed and maybe get more money, or he could take the guaranteed easy money. If you wanted to read about more good beaches around the country click here.

The thing is, a party beach town like this one is only good to visit if there are other tourists around.

The first is that this is not a safe city so be careful.

In the safe touristy bubble you might be fine, but the farther you stray from it the more you raise your chances of something going wrong.

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We don’t want to try to tell you not to come here, but you should definitely do more research before you do.

There are other cities in Mexico that are much safer, if you want a beach somewhere like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, or Cabo are way safer than here.

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Third, speaking of negotiations as a tourist everyone is going to think you are dumb and try to overcharge you. Unless you see a price on a menu don’t take anyones initial offer (if you feel like haggling is worth it.) Why?

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