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As a result, standardized testing can be an ineffective method of assessment.

While some teachers are completely against standardized testing, others tell you that they don’t have a problem with the standardized tests themselves but with how the results are interpreted and used.

While most educators would never want to change this fact, some teachers are faced with students who distract the rest of the classroom and add a significant challenge.

Part of what makes teaching a challenging career is the diversity of the students.

Observers need to take much more into account than the overall score.

Consider the example of two high school math teachers.

When funding is low, class sizes often increase, which impacts instructional curriculum, supplemental curriculum, technology, and various instructional and extracurricular programs.

Enrichment programs are cut, supply budgets are limited, and teachers have to get creative.

Addressing these problems and bringing awareness to the educational environment that our teachers and students face daily can help improve teacher retention, student success rates, and the overall quality of education in our schools.

When a child knows that education is essential and important, it makes a difference.

Parents can also work to communicate effectively with the teacher and ensure that their child is successfully completing assignments.

That means public school teachers are often more affected by lack of funding and are limited in how they can spend their money.

In lean times, schools are often forced to make cuts that have a negative impact.

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No matter what type of school you're talking about, teachers have to deal with a wide range of student needs, but public schools may struggle the most here.

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