Dating redline bmx bikes

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If you need help getting your bike in and out of a station, see a Customer Assistant or other station attendant for assistance.How to bring your bike on the train Bicycle parking racks are installed outside most CTA rail stations, and street parking is available near almost all of them.Soon after the famous V-Bars handlebars, the MXll frame and the Microline frame (mini series) were released.With these additions the company was gaining success again and by January 1980, Redline Flight cranks were going into production.During the next three years they would continue to further develop these models with many variations.

You can take your bike on CTA buses at all times, every day, all year.

Redline Racing Frames was founded in 1970 by Linn Kastan and Mike Konle in Chatsworth California for making chromoly motorcycle frames and swingarms.

The company consisted of a staff of six people and was receiving much success with their motorcycle swingarms.

In 1977 Kastan and Konle agreed to go separate ways and Kastan would take over full ownership of Redline Racing Frames and Konle would carry on with the motorcycle side renaming his company Champion.

By this time Kastan had designed and was releasing the Proline, their first official Team Model frame and fork.

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Kastan went on in 1988 with his new BMX company which he named Kastan.