Dating quizzes for 12 year olds

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Dating quizzes for 12 year olds

If your partner is of a certain astrological sign, this may or may not affect the age at which you'll have kids. Even if you don't, look up their birthday real quick, and tell us their sign.

Dressing up in matching costumes for Halloween is either super tasteful, or super tacky, depending on who you ask.

Or maybe, you represent your current age accurately!

Find out how mature or immature you are with this quiz, which will reveal whether or not you act your age. Whether you're 13 or 23, you can't help but feel that the little kid inside of you is very much alive and well.

The more kids people have, the more people there are. Since there's no real line we cross from childhood to adulthood (legal drinking age doesn't equal cosmic adulthood), we're never quite sure when it's time to have kids. As we gaze into our crystal ball, answer these relationship questions, and we'll reveal at what age you'll have kids.

If you two go on dates every other night, good for you.

In order for those next people to get here, we need to have kids. Well, they started as friends, but as you might know, they ended up being together.

As it turned out, this story would wrap up in a "happily ever after" type of way. Some couples tie the knot and have kids in relatively no time at all, after maybe a year or two of seeing each other.

While of course eventually you may have to grow up a little, what's the rush? You're the parent of your friend group, meaning whether one of your pals is having relationship trouble, or needs college application advice, they know you're the one with the answers.

You can cook like someone twice your age and you love nothing more than getting lost in a good book.

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