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Rotexy then sent information about the smartphone to the C&C, including the phone model, number, name of the mobile network operator, versions of the operating system and IMEI.With each subsequent request, a new subdomain was generated.From mid-2016 on, the cybercriminals returned to dynamic generation of lowest-level domains.No other significant changes were observed in the Trojan’s network behavior. Also, in some versions of the Trojan the file names were random strings of characters.It performs a privilege check once every second; if unavailable, the Trojan starts requesting them from the user in an infinite loop: If the user agrees and gives the application the requested privileges, another stub page is displayed, and the app hides its icon: If the Trojan detects an attempt to revoke its administrator privileges, it starts periodically switching off the phone screen, trying to stop the user actions.

By clicking the options button, you can specify a manual password to encrypt the note, set an expiration date and be notified when the note is destroyed.

If the value of this field failed to arrive from the C&C, it was selected from the file Starting from mid-2015, the Trojan began using the AES algorithm to encrypt data communicated between the infected device and the C&C: Also starting with the same version, data is sent in a POST request to the relative address with the format “/ folder.

In this version of Rotexy, dynamic generation of lowest-level domains was not used.

Let’s now return to the present day and a detailed description of the functionality of a current representative of the Rotexy family (SHA256: ba4beb97f5d4ba33162f769f43ec8e7d1ae501acdade792a4a577cd6449e1a84).

When launching for the first time, the Trojan checks if it is being launched in an emulation environment, and in which country it is being launched.

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As it launches, it requests device administrator rights, and then starts communicating with its C&C server.