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Dating powered in danmark

Your public behaviour will be closely watched and it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that you might receive a lecture if you fail to observe proper form.You should almost always avoid being too loud or boisterous, since this runs contrary to Danish instincts and might be seen as self-serving disturbance.That also means that few obstacles exist to shield you from the wind, which can be a serious issue when it’s cold outside.Another interesting fact about Denmark is that all of the largest cities are situated on different landmasses, with Copenhagen sitting on Zealand, Aarhus located in the continental part, and Odense on the island of Funen.In terms of religion, Evangelical Lutheran faith is followed by around 95% of the population, with another 3% of Protestants of other denominations and 2% of Muslims.That’s far more homogenous than most highly developed countries, so it’s fair to say that Danish society lacks the level of ethnic and racial diversity that you might see in similarly located countries such as France, Netherlands or Britain.

All that wind and heavy precipitation may present a bit of a challenge early on if you are used to warmer climates, but people born in the continental zone or northern latitudes won’t find it unpleasant at all.The vast majority (87.7%) of Denmark’s population consists of Scandinavians, with several ethnic minorities making up the rest, including Germans, Turks, Inuits, Faroese and Somalis.Increasing number of immigrants from other EU countries have been settling here in recent years, bringing a bit more diversity into a generally quite homogenous society.While the country is doing quite well economically, Danes loath public flaunting of wealth and will consider it a display of poor manners if you are demonstrating your success too openly, either verbally or through your appearance and behaviour.This fits into the profile of the Scandinavian culture, which is less focused on material values and places an emphasis on personal qualities.

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