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Then he said the horizon problem and the flatness problem could disappear Later on he said the assumption of a homogeneous isotropic universe means it would be senseless to talk about solving the horizon problem, because homogeneity was assumed at the outset.He also talked about grand unified models which tend to provide phase transitions which could lead to an inflationary scenario, and which include monopoles in their particle spectrum.He described these monopoles as I say that because another peculiar situation was that Guth’s model didn’t work, but nobody cared.He had bubbles forming in a supercooled environment which is the opposite of boiling, he was treating space like a liquid instead of a ghostly elastic solid, and he had nothing to curtail the exponential expansion. It talks about false vacuum decaying into empty bubbles of true vacuum expanding at the speed of light, but in a universe expanding faster than light.

They refer to William Mc Crea’s 1951 paper Relativity theory and the creation of matter.There’s a comment and a link to a Reddit page which says Andrei Linde ascribes the inflation idea to Gliner, and which links to the paper itself: algebraic properties of the energy-momentum tensor and vacuum like states of matter. He was an insecure postdoc who’d worked on grand unification theories.He knew that GUTs predict magnetic monopoles, and he knew about the monopole problem.See the 2005 Symmetry magazine article the growth of inflation by Davide Castelvecchi. Hence the bubbles couldn’t coalesce to reheat the universe.He quotes Michael Turner saying “one of the striking things about [Guth’s] paper was that he said ‘Look, guys, the model I am putting forward does not work. It goes on to describe how this “graceful exit problem” was solved by Andrei Linde, and by Andreas Albrecht and Paul Steinhardt.

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