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Dating my blood related cousin

Their system is only looking at the total amount of shared c Ms, and the number of segments that we share in order to determine a potential relationship.We can rely on the software to find the matches, but we still have to use traditional methods in order to determine our exact relationship, such as comparing known family trees.Centimorgans is usually abbreviated using this notation: “c Ms”.I will be using this in this article instead of the word “centimorgans”.This leads her to incorrectly believe that Sam and Bob can’t related, and therefore, she thinks that Bob is not on that line of the family tree.In reality, Sam and Bob could very well be third cousins, too.This is so important to remember, since you really should ignore a distant cousin match just because they show up as distant.

My family tree isn’t coded into my DNA in any way that is meaningful to a computer’s software.

In fact, Ancestry estimates that we are 5th-8th cousins.

Instead, he and I share great-great grandparents – much closer than expected.

If you have a DNA match who should be a third cousin to you, but you want to make sure, you might be wondering how much DNA you should share with a third cousin.

You have come to the right place, and in fact, learning about DNA shared between third cousins is key to using DNA to research your family tree.

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Pro tip: The term “centimorgan” is a word that geneticists used to measure the length of DNA segments.

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