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Once a company is scaling, I insist on having its 3-5 “corest” core values codified publicly online, and privately in a employee guidebook.Annual or quarterly awards recognizing employees who embody core values are a great way to reinforce their importance.Other organizations determined their core values years ago, but people and times have changed, so they need a refresh. When hiring, let applicants know your organization’s values to make sure there is a fit.Assessing for the right skills means your new hires will be able to do the job, but assessing to make sure candidates fit with your organization’s core values makes sure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

When and how should the success of the team be rewarded as a team, and not unfairly rewarding those who just “appear” to be superstars? The fantastic service at your company may be why your sales people are killing their quotas—not because of some magical sales powers.

And a corollary question, which sub teams should be rewarded for fantastic efforts and when? If it’s a core value to keep things light and happy, you can absolutely require that behavior.

If you need your folks to drop whatever they are doing to handle an irregularity with a client, don’t discipline them for missing a perfunctory meeting.”“When a company starts its core values do not need defining because they are embodied in the founders.

Come back to them in a month and see if they need any tweaking.

Then announce them throughout the organization, and use them in hiring and decision-making.”What behaviors will the company value over making a quick buck?

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