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Inuktitut, consisting of several dialect groups, is spoken widely.

It has two writing systems: roman letters and a syllabic system developed in the 19th century by European missionaries.

This website has been designed to provide background information on the NIRB, its responsibilities, events and activities, and to make the information related to the NIRB’s assessments as accessible as possible through the associated public registry and newsfeeds.

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The Arctic Ocean bounds Nunavut to the north, Greenland (separated from it by a series of narrow straits, Baffin Bay, and Davis Strait) lies to the east, and Quebec adjoins it to the southeast across Hudson Strait and the northeastern arm of Hudson Bay.

During the summer months the tundra is plagued by mosquitoes and other biting insects, and millions of migratory aquatic birds nest in the territory; only a few birds live there year-round, notably the snowy owl and gyrfalcon and species of ptarmigan.The plant life supports small mammals, caribou, and musk oxen.Land predators include red and Arctic foxes, wolves, and grizzly bears.Thule peoples first arrived in what is now Nunavut about 1,000 years ago.Traditionally, the Inuit relied on trapping, hunting, and fishing for clothing and food; they lived in igloos, semisubterranean houses, or animal-skin tents.

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The territorial government recognizes The origins of the Inuit are obscure, but people have been living in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago for more than 4,000 years.

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