Dating for woodsmen

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Through his diligence, Brad was able to reunite the dog with some very relieved owners.

The Philly cheesesteaks across the way were great and we found out that they had supplied Rolling Thunder, the annual Veteran bike ride to DC, with their meals this year.

That's where a trusty chainsaw, proper PPE, and a Log OX 3-in-1 Forestry Multi Tool come in to help make clean up a lot easier!

We recently sat down for an interview with one of industrial design magazine Core77 senior editors, to discuss the origins of our family company, our design development process, and what drives us to continually innovate.

We attended the weekend-long Tupper Lake Woodsmen's Days to support our partners, ABS, and also to be a part the festival's rich history, dating back to the 1930s.

Tupper Lake has been celebrating the region's storied heritage of logging and lumberjacking for decades.

While those original founding teams set the groundwork for today’s Penn State Woodsmen team, the group would, sadly, not be seen again until nearly 20 years later.

Program advisor Mike Powell finally re-founded the team in 2003 with the encouragement of a few timber sports enthusiasts who wanted to start a Woodsmen team of their own.

Competing schools include Haywood Community College, Dabney S.We are continually furthering our education in the world of agriculture and continue to use the most up to date climbing and pruning practices.We teamed up with Matt, Brian and Luke of Automated Biomass Systems (ABS) to demo the Log OX at Woodsmen's Days in Tupper Lake, NY.No entries will be accepted after that date.(Please click below to download the Cover Letter, General Rules or the Entry Form)COVER LETTERCONTESTS & GENERAL RULES & PRIZE MONEYENTRY FORMBe sure to mail entry form and (US FUNDS)fee to: Kathy Mc Daniel99 S. When most of us come to college, our first instinct is to join a few clubs and make some friends.

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We promise to put your needs, your trees, and your property first.

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