Dating female athlete

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Dating female athlete

Then when they get some free time, they have to do homework, study, and go to bed.Between all of that day in and day out, it can start to feel like there’s just not enough time for you. You just have to memorize his schedule and see where there are gaps in both of your schedules to hang out.

But that’s the lifestyle or should I say goal for a collegiate athlete is to go to the professional league.

The only funny part is that regular classmates or students probably think that I myself am a collegiate athlete when I am definitely not because I wear so many Carolina athletic gear. Many people believe that dating a collegiate athlete is the same as dating the high school football star. Collegiate athletes are dedicated athletes that are literally on scholarships or getting paid to play sports for their college.

So they aren’t just playing their respective sport for the fun of it.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it would definitely be best to show your man or woman that you care about him or her and that you want to learn more about the sport.

Learning about the sport doesn’t just intel the rules, it can mean the different teams, the pro players that he looks up to, and what the gear or equipment is used for.

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I’m still learning everything that I can about track, but my boyfriend really appreciates it when I just sit and listen.

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