Dating east coast men

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Dating east coast men

My choice of helping children apparently made him look good. Tattoos are acceptable and pretty much everywhere in California. Then, you hit college in the 90’s and sorority and frat guys are getting one or two. In LA, I feel like your cool factor amplifies 85% if you have one on your arm, your neck, your wrist, your back, or your whole sleeve, in case you forget to wear one. (Photo credit: Bad Boys with tattoos on Facebook) 4.It was cool in DC to see any celebrity or important person, no matter who they were.Angelenos or Californians want to make it happen on their own terms and will sacrifice to have a better quality of life. This video with Jim Carey pretty much explains the juice craze. Wear your fleece, drive your pick-up truck or your wood paneled car that you have owned for 15 years. Living in LA is like living in an altered universe, but if you don’t get out every now and then, you forget the rest of the world is not California or LA.I am constantly amazed at the tech world, the entertainment biz, the travel industry, the fashion madness, and incredible writing communities here. Yes, I drive a new white BMW, but so does everyone else.Here in LA, we are not phased too much by anyone since we live, eat, and breathe the tabloid BS, and we often see it happening in front of our eyes at breakfast, the gym, our workplace, or the beach, before it even hits the silly tabloid mags and blogs. When you grow up in the North East, everyone around you is talking about what prep school, boarding school, Ivy League school, or prestigious college they would like you to attend. Often many generations attend the same school and it is an honor to continue that legacy because so and so’s grandfather has their name on the building. Having a master’s degree, Ph D, MBA is just an extra something to have under your belt.Since it is all around us, it makes us laugh when East Coasters post pictures of some reality star from ten years ago and scream for joy like it was the best event of their life. I have found people on the West Coast (who most come from somewhere else) are not raised with the same educational whip. I use to get giddy over boys in whale pants, Nantucket reds, green cords with sailor belts, Docksiders with no socks, tassel loafers, bow ties, Vineyard Vines ties, monogrammed shirts, croakies, khakis and navy blazers, hair swept and combed perfectly to the side, but NOW it makes me want to puke.You would get excited for some diplomat or some old politician.Even some lobbyist or restaurant owner may get you juiced.

The thing is the look on the west coast is to look effortless all the time, like you just threw on what you had on with no care in the world and still look fabulous. Creativity and entrepreneurship are alive and well in all parts of California. Now I can tell you how to grow a garden and what fruits and vegetables are good for each part of your body and why.I have seen more sunsets in one year here than I did in ten on the East Coast.Come visit LA LA Land always LIVING, LOVING, LEARNING…After four years of living in Los Angeles, I have learned there are some big differences between the coasts, from men to fashion to fitness and everywhere in between. They take you out on a proper date and woo you – send you flowers or bring them.While these are only my observations, the following describes what I perceive to be the biggest differences between the North East and the West Coast. On the left coast, it can still happen, but often they may entertain you with a “Come to this party,” or “ Come see me in this play or my comedy gig,” or “Let’s go for a hike.” I’ve started to enjoy the latter.

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