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Dating dark welsh

Thus there was Gwenhwys ("Gwent" with a group-identifying suffix) and gwyr Guenti ("men of Gwent") and Broceniauc ("men of Brycheiniog").Welsh custom contrasted with many Irish and Anglo-Saxon contexts, where the territory was named for the people living there (Connaught for the Connachta, Essex for the East Saxons).Not only did the specific terms vary, the meaning of those specific terms varied over time as well.Literary sources stressed martial qualities such as military capability, bold horsemanship, leadership, the ability to extend boundaries and to make conquests, along with an association with wealth and generosity.Wales was rural throughout the era, characterised by small settlements called trefi.

383 and the rise of Merfyn Frych to the throne of Gwynedd c. In that time there was a gradual consolidation of power into increasingly hierarchical kingdoms.Throughout the Middle Ages the Welsh used a variety of words for rulers, with the specific words used varying over time, and with literary sources generally using different terms than annalistic ones.Latin language texts used Latin language terms while vernacular texts used Welsh terms.The end of the early Middle Ages was the time that the Welsh language transitioned from the Primitive Welsh spoken throughout the era into Old Welsh, and the time when the modern England–Wales border would take its near-final form, a line broadly followed by Offa's Dyke, a late eighth-century earthwork.Successful unification into something recognisable as a Welsh state would come in the next era under the descendants of Merfyn Frych.

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The animals were tended by swineherds and herdsmen, but they were not confined, even in the lowlands.

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