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at least, not according to findings published in the journal, . Evolutionarily speaking, women bear the brunt of child-rearing, so it’s important for them to enter relationships with men who could be potential husbands — making them less likely to hook up with just anyone.

When the study’s researchers at Durham University in the UK asked almost 2,000 men and women to talk about their feelings after partaking in a one-night stand, 80 percent of the male participants had positive feelings about their night of passion, saying they secretly wanted their friends to find out about their escapades.

“We can’t assume the obvious, because sometimes what we believe to be fact is colored by our social experience and expectation,” says Scott Haltzman, M. “A century ago, it was ‘fact’ that women couldn’t be expected to be intelligent enough to vote, and that women who were pregnant needed to avoid any heavy exercise.

It is ‘obvious’ that chocolate is bad, or that wine is bad. Until we test out what we ‘know’ is true, then we are just perpetuating stereotypes.

Cliché #1: Hooking up on a first date probably won’t lead to love Women hear it all the time: If you want a relationship, don’t sleep together too quickly.

But is this advice simply old-fashioned — or is it legit?

What’s more, men who took a whiff of the jar containing human tears showed reduced levels of arousal, a slower breathing rate, and lower levels of the male hormone, testosterone (which could explain why shedding a few tears around a man will make him agree to anything, as long as you stop).

Cliché #5: Bad boys are especially sexy Sean Penn, Colin Farrell, and Chris Brown: three men most of us might think are indisputably hot, but as luck would have it, scientists still wanted to prove the allure of these bad boys.

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The thing is, if you would have known me 8 years ago you would have realised quite quickly on that my dating life was a bit of a mess. It was a disaster, and one that I happily reveled in.

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