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() • the 1 thing you must do for your relationships to go well in China () Most ladies from China are traditional and conservative.

When you're dating a Chinese woman you might realize that her views on dating and yours are extremely different.

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort in putting together this website, and offering a wide variety of informative articles within, in order to help you chart a smooth course along the pathway of not only finding Asian women to date, but maybe even marry.

We cover a wide range of topics that we know you want to hear about, topics which really can improve the way your relationship develops; topics which have been gleaned from our reader’s real life experiences.

The thought of having sex before marriage never occurred to her.Understand that most of China is just rising out of poverty.Also because of Mao's "cultural revolution" most people from China stopped learning about culture and cleanliness.It’s a time to be permanently on your best behaviour and you certainly don’t want any of that cross-cultural chaos which sometimes strikes at new “datees”.It’s a time to try and impress her; time to listen and share things that you have in common with your new love.

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Matters progress nicely and, after a while, you arrange to meet (or meet again) your new Chinese girlfriend for a date…

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  1. Although you may be looking forward to sharing this amazing connection with someone special, meeting someone who inspires these feelings in you can pose a tough challenge.