Dating an islamic woman

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“The best part is that it helps you stay level-headed and not get emotionally attached prematurely.You can see all the options clearly instead of getting blindsided.She gave her family a list of three points she refused to compromise on in a marital match — that they shared the same school of Islamic thought, and that their ages and locations were compatible — and they confirmed all three with her potential spouse before even presenting the option of the match to her.“I put a lot of trust in my family, and it was a relief for me that they handled it,” she said.When she met her now-husband, she was able to scope him out, asking him the hard questions without hesitation: Before they ever had dinner together, she knew whether he wanted kids, and they agreed to get married the first time they met in person.

“But the longer they are in the dating scene, the more favorable it is to them,” she said.

It was never something weird to me.” She got married in 2016, a year after her online Islamic studies teacher introduced her family to her now-husband’s family.

The couple only met four times in person before the wedding.

Instead, she said, her siblings and parents did all the heavy lifting for her.

Before the couple met for the first time, they had seen each other’s photos and knew each other’s educational backgrounds, career goals, long-term life plans, level of religiosity and other potential sticking points.

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“It wasn’t like my parents picked out a guy for me and I just had to get married,” Quadery explained.