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Complete schedule here, with new ones starting all the how to be a Rising Star in media, build your own platform, become an advanced writer, become an editor or create social change. RSVP for any one class—if you want to take more, just upgrade to an Annual Platinum Membership. Invitation to the MEMBER-ONLY Good Men Project Community on Facebook and all Weekly Friday Conference calls with the Publisher and community.

Vocal is a platform that provides storytelling tools and engaged communities for writers, musicians, filmmakers, podcasters, and other creators to get discovered and fund their creativity. Creators share their stories on Vocal’s communities. You see, Brad and I broke up because he never actually cared about anyone but himself. He enjoyed our dates, when he bothered to actually go on them.

In return, creators earn money when they are tipped and when their stories are read. And, he just assumed that I'd "deal with it" when he'd pop up again, as if nothing happened.

However, the keyword here is that I used to date him.

Show less Once upon a time, I dated a guy by the name of Brad. He was a paid breakdancer and party promoter — and yes, Brad definitely had the body to match the profession.

I really did like Brad, and for the longest time, I had a soft spot for his cocoa brown eyes.

A Hijackal partner is shocked, upset, and unforgiving when not always “Queen or King For a Day,” every day. When your partner behaves from these seven beliefs, s/he is a Hijackal.

Partners like this are who want—and desperately need—to be the center of your life, and everyone else’s. They are selfish, self-centered, self-serving, and of course self-absorbed.

If you notice these signs, then chances are that your partner is too selfish to be dating material.Weekly facilitated calls that lead to the execution of real-world strategies for change. Invitation to the MEMBERS ONLY Good Men Project Community on Facebook.Complete schedule here, with new ones starting all the time. Connect with other members, network and help us lead this conversation. Access to our PREMIUM MEMBER LIBRARY with our recorded Convo Casts and classes.He told me he was a few times and when he said it I always told him I don’t do well with selfish.He seemed to handle that well, and would then turn around his behavior and help me out.

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You give them what they want, only to find that they want more. There is little if any equity in your relationship with them. Turn it away or off, and things quickly become churlish, manipulative, and even nasty. When you recognize that your partner is more than selfish, you acknowledge a bigger issue: you need help to successful navigate through this difficult territory.