Dark triad dating

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Dark triad dating

But it has the added benefit of making you look smarter – which can be a way to demonstrate higher value.

However, a man can have either a short or long term relationship regardless of the “less moral” or “politically incorrect” view of social interactions from these traits.In the book “The Dynamics Of Persuasion” this strategy is described as: “an interpersonal persuasion strategy in which Person A provides Person B with a tangible or psychological reward; in exchange, when Person A approaches B with a request for compliance, B feels pressure to comply.” Exchanging favors and doing things for others is a basic part of human society, but this can be manipulated to extremes by using guilt as the glue. Have you ever seen a girl acting mad, upset and put out who magically becomes “normal” when the phone rings?I personally cannot do that, but every woman I have met can.But if you make her feel attraction and sexual tension which is what all of these “short term” mating strategies do, you can dictate the direction of the relationship.I have no doubt that 15 years ago I scored a little higher than average for Narcissism, but closer to average for Psychopathy and Machiavellianism.

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While psychopathy has a really bad rap for murderers and serial killers, many of those same traits are exactly how I would describe the average girl. I have “tricked” my son into eating his vegetables for example – a manipulative gesture for sure, but one that helped him develop healthy eating habits.

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