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Also, playing doesn’t require a specific age or a substantial gap.Plenty of young men and women discover their caregiver side as early as their twenties, while others who are middle-aged have held onto their inner child.First and foremost, DDLG is absolutely not incest, pedophelia, or sex with minors, nor does it condone any of these things.It is all about playing a game– a fantasy– between two consenting adults. Every relationship is different and, like BDSM, it can be foreplay or simply a way to release or escape.While both get spankings, a Sub/Slave might also have to kneel until her feet go numb, while a Little might simply not get ice cream after dinner.A Daddy is much more intimate and nurturing, almost taking on a parental role without taking the place of the Sub’s actual father.He loves that she adores cuddles and Disney, and at the same time, guides and helps her reach her life goals– proud of her accomplishments. She is a sexy woman and a cute girl; a no mess business woman who also sleeps with a teddy bear.He cares for, guides, dominates, punishes, praises, comforts, understands, and loves his little. She enjoys wearing sexy lingerie and pretty pink bows in her hair, and goes from girls’ night out to tea parties with her stuffies. She has complete trust, respect, and admiration for her daddy, feeling safest in his arms because she is free to be her true self. All the punishments, protection, and support, even sometimes him pushing her to be her best self.

It can be played between a mommy and little boy or be same sex; sometimes also called CG/L, meaning Caregiver/Little.

She might be needy, sassy, bratty, and whiny, but she holds a pure and innocent enthusiasm.

A Daddy protects his Little, but the Little is also always there to support her daddy.

Doms who tilt more toward BDSM and Masters may find this annoying.

The little’s needs and growth are more important than protocol.

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