Cystic fibrosis sufferers dating

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Cystic fibrosis sufferers dating

Men who want to father children after their lung transplant would need to speak to their doctor about sperm freezing or other options prior to undergoing the transplant. However, there is no reason why people with CF should stop doing what they want.CF patients may be concerned that sexual activity could exacerbate their symptoms and cause shortness of breath, coughing, or hemoptysis, but it should not prevent them from having a fulfilling sex life.Even though the vas deferens is blocked or nonexistent, the sperm is there, and 90 percent of CF patients produce sperm normally.This means that male CF patients can still have biological children through assisted reproductive technology (ART). Possibilities for fathering a child change after a lung transplant.

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Their stories are told alongside the facts to help put it all in context.

You might find it helpful, for example, to hear from a mum with CF who has twins, or to read about what fertility treatment was like for one dad.

Our booklet contains information to support you in thinking through the issues in relation to you, your health, your life, your hopes and fears.

Download our starting a family booklet In developing this resource, we have spoken with and listened to men and women with CF and their partners.

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