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Creationism and ice core dating

By doing this he hopes to show that the “evolutionary” dates are wrong and the biblical time frame is correct.The GRIP project retrieved ice core samples in excess of 3,000 metres.For example, soil would need to have been created in order for plants to grow; starlight would have been created in what would appear to be mid-transit in order to be seen on Earth from millions of light-years away; Adam would have been created as a human old enough to be able to move, eat, and drink by himself.Another proposed model, however, suggests that instead of being created with all aging already complete, the earth was created with a youthful appearance, and during the time that the waters of Noah's Flood covered the entire surface, drastic changes were made to the earth so that its features thereafter gave an appearance of ancient age (Wise 209).However, in the summer of 1995, a crew of British geologists flew over the site and documented that human remains were still exposed and clearly visible on the ice.In other words, there had been at this location for over 30 years!This paper will attempt to give an outline of what some young-earth creationists believe happened during the Flood of Noah.One general model for Biblical creation involves the earth being created by God in six literal days with the appearance of having an older age.

When one hears the word "creationism," it spawns thoughts of a literal six-day creation of the universe, the Earth, and all life.

Kevin Henke could seriously undermine their findings.

In his book Faith, Form, and Time, Kurt Wise proposes the theory of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics.

Scientists believe that the earth is ancient, in part, because of the successive layers of different fossils in sedimentary rocks and the many diverse layers of rock.

One major problem that has plagued the young-earth creation model is the large amount of apparent geologic history.

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