Consolidating school districts within a state 2013 pooping cams

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Consolidating school districts within a state

However, the commission should also be relatively narrow in its scope of recommendations.School district consolidation should focus on reining in the duplicative costs of district administration only – not on equalizing salary contracts or funding new facilities.If Illinois school districts served the same number of students as California, Illinois would have 500 fewer school districts than it has today.

Many of its nearly 7,000 units of local government are overlapping, duplicative and contribute to Illinois’ growing debt, waste and corruption.The state should not provide any incentives for those items, nor should it mandate any school consolidations.And to prevent local property taxes from rising, the commission should develop policies on limiting the merger of local bargaining units in newly combined districts.By 1955, the state had cut the number of districts to 2,242, and by the year 2000, the district count had fallen to 894. Nearly 45 percent are elementary, 12 percent are secondary (high school), and 45 percent are unit districts, meaning they serve both elementary and secondary students.Despite the massive reduction in Illinois school districts, the state is still not efficient when compared with its 14 peer states that also serve 1 million or more students.

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That partnership should come in the form of a district consolidation commission, which would work with local governments to create consolidation and reorganization guidelines, select candidate districts, and establish a process for implementation.