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Cigarrette dating codes

Toma lugar en las relaciones que se tienen con la sociedad a la que se pertenece.(Author affiliations at end of text) Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States (1).

Of the five states that taxed RYOT as cigarettes, which makes them subject to stamping, only two explicitly required stamps on RYOT (Table, Figure 1).

Only four of these authorized the use of high-tech stamps.

Three of these four states (California, Massachusetts, and Michigan) have implemented their use; New Jersey has not (Table).

Forty-four states (including the District of Columbia [DC]) applied traditional paper ("low-tech") tax stamps to cigarettes, whereas four authorized more effective high-tech stamps. state had a comprehensive approach to tobacco tax stamping.

Six states explicitly required stamps on other tobacco products (i.e., tobacco products other than cigarettes), and in approximately one third of states with tribal lands, tribes required tax stamping to address illicit purchases by nonmembers. Enhancing tobacco tax stamping across the country might further prevent and reduce illicit trade in the United States.

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