Chat games dating info dating a older guy

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Chat games dating info

I don’t like playing games, why can’t you just be yourself? because when a girl gets bored, she starts looking for the more exciting option. But what makes a nice guy so unattractive to women.. Nice guys lose over and over again because they’re predictable, boring, and they’re afraid to make a girl put in effort. But in reality, it’s that moment when a girl is waiting for you to text her back… she falls in love with you when she’s away from you thinking about you. It is because those guys played the game correctly. The game is there for a reason because it adds a specific kind of excitement. When you’re watching a movie, and you already know the end of the movie 5 minutes after it starts, there’s no reason to keep watching the movie, right? And the worst thing that can happen is when a girl gets bored… A girl doesn’t fall in love with you when she’s with you…

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and end up lonely like all the other guys who ignore the game. In the past I would wonder why certain guys got all the girls while I was left all alone (or only got the mean chubby girl). To better help you understand, I want you to imagine a woman’s experience of the game like she’s watching a movie. When we reveal our feelings too early, she starts thinking “this guy likes me too much already… and then her mind starts thinking about other guys, because she gets bored.

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