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Chat de cyber sex en espanol

These "grinders" -- a slang term for biohackers who use themselves as laboratories -- aren't satisfied with making trips to the robot red-light district to consort with increasingly realistic sex machines.Impressive smart sex toys might be fine for the general public looking to spice things up in the bedroom.Samppa, who often performs alongside his wife, is himself an exhibition of tattoos and body mods.But his slightly demonic look -- a "metal mohawk" of spikes anchored under his skin sits atop his bald head -- starkly contrasts with his thoughtful and eloquent demeanor as he chats with me over Skype from London.

Among the small group of sex biohacking pioneers who gather on forums like, Rich Lee is an immediately recognizable name.

Lee clearly communicates a kind of existential rebellion that flows through some sectors of the biohacking community.

Extreme body modification can be like a middle finger raised toward nature, which Lee refers to as "a force that is continuously trying to murder us." "The fact that some people venerate this force or give it reverence is infuriating to me," Lee told me.

So far, it's gone through at least eight different versions, none of of which have made it under the skin yet.

Still, he hopes to have it ready for some brave guy to have implanted any day now. and you're the guy at the bar who doesn't have a Lovetron9000, I think it's going to suck for you someday," Lee says.

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Editors' note: This story is part of our ongoing Turned On special report exploring the intersection of technology and sex.

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