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After calling it, Write String() method is called to specify a value for this attribute, then Write End Attribute() method is called to end the attribute. An XML document is considered to be well formed if it conforms to all the syntactical requirements, as defined by the W3C XML 1.0 recommendation.Like: Write Xml( ) takes two parameters first the destination file where the output of XML file will be stored and second but optional parameter is Xml Write Mode option that specifies how the XML output is to be written. Xml namespace provides non-cached, forward only and read only access to XML data. XML document can validate in the following ways:· Xml Reader· Xml Validating Reader The Xml Reader class can impose validation by using a XSD Schema.

Data stored in XML format can be transferred to databases such as SQL Server with the help of ADO. These objects help in exchanging data between the databases and XML documents, and enable to read and write the data stored in a dataset object as XML documents. This class can be used to write either a stream of data or a text data.

Properties of Xml Reader Settings class Xml Reader Settings settings=new Xml Reader Settings( ); Xml Reader reader=null; Reader=Xml Reader. The Xml Validating Reader class uses the Validation Event Handler() callback method that is called when a validation error occurs.

The following code explains validation of XML document using Xml Validating Reader class.

Load(validating Reader); After loading the Xml Validaing Reader for an XML document, the Validation Type property is used to specify the type of validation that we have to perform on that document.

When we create an XML representation of a dataset, ADO.

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NET enables to present the data in a Diff Gram format.

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