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One creative solution exercised by a large number of co-religionists is to eschew synagogues altogether.

One talk, titled “The Pinyan Minyan: Jews of China Then and Now,” was organized by Oasis in Albuquerque, the second talk was part of the Los Alamos Lenten Series and was called “Reading From Left (Brain) to Right (Brain): Wisdom in the Jewish Texts,” and the third was conducted under the auspices of the Ha Makom Continuing Education program.After a half-hour of most delightful conversation we both slept for the balance of the flight, but Hillel honored his promise to send me his latest book, After One-Hundred-and-Twenty: Reflecting on Death, Mourning, and the Afterlife in the Jewish Tradition, which I recommend highly.This e-mail address will be the best way to reach me for the foreseeable future, and if you find yourself wandering around Suffolk County, New York, please do let us know.Below is the list from this quarter with a few annotations.B’shalom, Rabbi Jack Fiction The Prophet’s Wife* – Milton Steinberg – an extended Midrash on Hosea Twilight and Other Stories – Shulamith Hareven – translated from Hebrew Life is a Parable – Pinhas Sadeh – translated from Hebrew Jewish Warsaw Between the Wars – Ephraim Kaganovski (tr.

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I recommend that you take the red-eye flight to come visit us – you, too, may get to sit next to an author!