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Boy meets girl dating ideas

"Texas chain saw massacre, they took my baby away from me.. Lyrics (All I Have Left Is) My Johnny's Hubcap - by the Deltones. He would still be alive if he hadn't waved going around that last corner. I don't think he actually dies though, he just has to get a lot of blood. I guess he embodies teenage rebel pretty well and he did love his car (to the death). The reader said For country kids like me, going to the State Fair was a huge event, highly anticipated. In the song, Calvin is killed by a drunk driver on the way to the State Fair.

This one probably fits more in murder ballads, turning tricks on a street corner (a notorous male prostitution spot) and ends up killing somebody (perhaps a customer) and is on the run now. It seems like late for a date, speeding in the car and ran a stop sign and crashed.

Lyrics A reader has told me that apparently there is a second version of this song. She said "There are actually 2 versions of this song, the one where she dies and one that comes after where he dies under similar circumstances" Guess at lyrics My Baby's Dead - George Carlin. Lyrics A Lifetime - Better Than Ezra - A girl crashes the car on the way to graduation. Then the guy sights her standing on the car at the wake (I guess like the song, Strange Things Happen, where the guy borrows the sweater from the dead girl) and she is singing an R. I suppose that's a bit like if Mark Dinning in Teen Angel then went and kicked ass on the train. This is all I know about this one - LANDA 679 Tyler, Terry-A Thousand Feet Below / Answer Me 10/4/61. I sort of read it that there is a death, but some people don't think so. Maybe I just don't have the complete lyrics for the Jody Reynold's version and that is throwing me off. Reader wrote: "Roy gets caught by an underwater sea creature and drowns while trying to find an oyster so he can give a pearl to his lost love, Leah. Since no one officially dies, maybe it's not technically a death song." Lyrics Jenny Brown - by The Smothers Brothers. Haven't heard it, don't know much about it except it is featured on a Rhino compilation (apparently it is a rotten song). Johnny wants to be king of the beach and rides the big wave and Sue weeps when his surfboard washes back to shore alone. She goes on shooting rampage and gets it in the end. Ok, I've been told: "It's from 'The Outsiders' by SE Hinton book and/or movie version. The reader points out "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats is about a teen-age girl named Brenda Spencer who in 197. and killed two adults in a shooting spree at Cleveland Elementary School in the San Carlos section of San Diego, California. Dad is mad at the boyfriend and tries to shoot him, but the girl gets in the way and she gets shot instead. So, a reader suggested the next few, but they are murder ballads. He kills her, carries her to the St Lawrence River and waits for both of them to freeze. But you know, side two of this album is just so totally awesome, I'll put it on here anyways. A murder ballad (gasoline and flames) complete with wacky sound effects from the master of wacky songs, guessing from the 1940s or around there. Then in the second verse the teen dies from a possible overdose of LSD. Maybe a lot of these other war songs, lots of dead teenagers but not over love. Lyrics I Was Only 19 (A Walk In the Light Green) - by Redgum. Hmm, that reminds me, I should put Paul Hardcastle on here too. So yeah, the average age of soldier in Vietnam was 19, Nininininininininin Nineteen. Lyrics Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) - by The Decemberists. They didn't come home from the Civil War either and he left his pregnant girl behind. It is cover of an older song, the soldier is killed in Vietnam. Another dead Vietnam soldier, who left a note is his car for the next owner to find.

Reader says: This was played by Top 40 stations in 1963-64, about a guy whose girl jumped off a cliff onto rocks "a thousand feet below," and he was planning to go "high, high up that mountain side" and join her." Endless Sleep by Jody Reynolds. He finds finds his love lying on the beach after she ran away after a fight, dead and covered with seaweed and crabs. She was his surfin' girl and she got caught by the undertow when she went out too far. I assume Johnny dies in this, we do say goodbye to him. Also later covered by Stiff Little Fingers in the 80s. At the time teenage girls were obsessed with the book and movie. When asked why she did it, she said, "I don't like Mondays. So, does Dad shoot Joey at the end or does he run and get away? Lyrics Hey Joe - Traditional, but then performed by like a million people. lyrics Once You Understand - by Think - (# 23 Billboard, 1972). This is a description from a reader of this webpage. It's a series of spoken/acted vignettes of rebellious teens arguing with their uncool parents, over a backing track with the ever-repeating chorus "Things get a little easier/Once you understand". I'm not really sure if it's his girlfriend that gave it to him because it says "she give him loving his body can't handle, but all he can say is 'baby, it's good to me'" Lyrics Didn't one of them go nuts, Left Eye, and die horribly somehow. Presumably he was young, maybe a teen, but it did say that he had a wife and children, so he was probably older. It sounds like he is dead and singing for her to look for him. But even though we have gotten rid of the Shrub, his legacy of disastrous wars will haunt us for years, I imagine we will see this same scene repeated a lot in the future. I guess the car is standing in as the woman he left behind. It seems like they want to get married, but his parents said no.

Here is a list of some of my favorites: (And I'll just add that some reader took me to task for supposedly hating 50s and 60s music and making fun of it. ) Modes of death Cars Motorcycles Trains Surfing Rivers Murder Disease Drugs War Suicide Guns Flying Other Near misses Dead Man's Curve - Jan and Dean. Lyrics Last Kiss - J Frank Wilson and the Caviliers. Recently redone by Pearl Jam in 1999, again proving the power of a good dead teen song. Some more research shows this was originally written in 1962 by Wayne Cochran and also performed in the 60s by the Cavaliers. Showing again, the dangers of wedding rings to teens, see Teen Angel for more on that. 'Or "Two Hour Honeymoon," a 1960 Paul Hampton death disk complete with car-crash sound effects and morbid spoken-word passages, which not only predates The Shangri-Las' "Leader of the Pack" but merges it with a swanky "Harlem Nocturne" coda.' Update Wow, I've heard it now. As motorcyclist myself (who dreams of finding a beautiful woman with her own [fast] motorcycle), I find this one to be a serious tearjerker.

There is plenty of cheezy music on this list, and ok a few songs that I really hate, but I do like most of the stuff on this list and some of it is pretty great. Plus, the musicianship and songwriting are top notch." Lyrics Moulty - by The Barbarians (1966).

You know, in the Lloyd Price version, Billy, who was shot in a gambling dispute, had a wife and three kids, so I don't think he is a teen. The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia - Vicki Lawrence. "Covered by Reba Mc Intire: Not really sure if it counts as they don't say how old the characters are however as the self explanatory lyrics prove, they are young. Also drug related but he shoots his girl for cheating on him. But this one is an Appalachian murder ballad which is based on an Irish one, and other localized versions seem to go back to Elizabethan times Lyrics. He cuts her head off, so she can't eat any more hot dogs, and puts it on the wall, or at least is planning on doing that. I assume that eating hot dogs isn't about dinner, but maybe sometimes a hot dog is just a hot dog. Lyrics Watching the Detectives - by Elvis Costello. Lyrics Maxwell's Silver Hammer - by The Beatles (1969). I guess not suprisingly since it one of the more annoying Beatles songs (so totally Paul Mc Cartney. Cemetery Drive lyrics You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison lyrics. While My Dad Gently Weeps - by Furnaceface - I have never heard this song. It is sort of a punk/funk thing that samples from Once You Understand. It seems like a People Who Died sort of thing, all his friends dropping from drug use. Since this is a WWII song, is he a pilot on a mission or is he dead. I guess I'll put it on for now, but I'll have to think about this one. Billie Joe jumps off a bridge for some reason that isn't very clearly stated. I guess they tried to figure out what it was all about. Apparently Bob Dylan was as annoyed by this song as I was and wrote a parody of it.

I have only heard the version (well, it is kind of totally different song) by Nick Cave. I almost wonder if there are just too many muder ballads, is it time to break those out into their own thing. I've loved this song for years but I don't think I ever quite thought of it as the stalker/potential murder ballad it probably is. Or is he talking to some other woman about shooting here, I'm not completely sure. Lyrics Sigh, and more My Chemical Romance has been suggested. I find the song kind of annoying more than anything else. Very dramatic (in a Shangri-Las kind of way) about a teenaged boy who joins some hippies, smokes dope, then dies! "Johnny Ander" appears on the compilation CD "Girls In The Garage Part 2", although it sounds much better on the Bang 45. Johnny Ander/Love Love Go Away (both sides written by Jeff Barry, produced by Jeff Barry, arranged by Artie Butler). Living in the jungle, poverty, drugs, living fast, dying young, but not a lot of love in this one. He says he couldn't both be on the date and in the sky. This is about real teen tragedy and lots of college students being killed by the National Guard, not the cartoony death of lots of these songs. Is there nobody that can get a message to her, don't kill yourself, my parents hate you, wait a few years and I'll be 18 and I won't have to listen to them anymore, don't kill yourself. Wrong lyrics Lyrics Ode To Billy Joe - Bobbie Gentry. I didn't realize that the movie (1976) was based on the song (1967).

Lyrics-Lloyd Price version Lyrics-Nick Cave version Mr Turnkey - by Zager & Evans. I kind of don't think so, he says he is a man and it was a rape and then he is singing from prison, I guess he is about to hang himself. A girl catfight, the new girlfriend ends up dead and the old girlfriend is singing the song from prison or while the police are coming to get her. A bit like the Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun, but not quite as funny. Very strange song though, kills his woman, buries her, well, then I'm not completely sure what happens in the rest of it, he bends all the tools in town so everything they build is crooked. All the classic elements of one, jealousy, she is laughing at him, he stabs her and is now waiting for the police to break down his door. It appears to be a school shooting song and about some of the kids who are killed. I'm trying to figure out if these are actually teens. Here's a quote from an article about Gentry: "The single of "Mississippi Delta" was backed by the seven minute classic "Ode To Billie Joe".

So, not really a dead teen and it isn't terribly romantic. But you know, she was showing everybody his ring, we have already seen elsewhere the effect of those high school rings on teens. Or maybe a bit more like Natural Born Killers, with the kid killing the abusive dad and then going on the run. But I knew some of the people in this band years ago, so that's kind of nice. "She stood there laughing, I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more" (I'm not sure if this was originally a Tom Jones song). I've never heard it (possibly the bad grammar makes sense in the song but seems annoying just reading the lyrics). He says that he was 18 when they met and that was four years ago and she died of some mysterious disease when their daughter was one. They could have just squeezed in there in the teen years. Violins and cellos were added, the song was reduced from its original seven minutes to just under five, and, as a result of disc jockeys' reactions, it became Gentry's next single.

Victor Moulton the lead singer of the Barbarians lives across town and I had the pleasure to meet him last year. He still makes public appearances occaisonally and never tires of talking about the old days.

According to him he lost his hand at the age of 14 while making a pipebomb (as you and I did as kids right? He was one of about two drummers who had the distinction of being able to play the drums with a prosthetic hand.

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The other drummer whose name escapes me was in the band "Cryan' Shames" at the same time Moulty and the Barbarians were active.

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