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Luna takes the bait, and leaves to the delight of the Freemans, particularly Huey, who believed Granddad's "Fidel Castro's birthday" excuse wouldn't work.Moments later, neighbor Tom Du Bois arrives at the Freeman house.In a flashback, Luna is shown in one on one deathmatches which she dominates, before ripping her opponent's still-beating heart out a reference to Mortal Kombat.

Robert and Ruckus leave dissatisfied as Riley tries to tell his own Catcher Freeman story.

When the plan nearly goes awry, Catcher manages to kill Lynchwater and Tobias is killed by Thelma.

The story ends with Catcher and Thelma marrying and moving North.

At the end of Luna's speech about the Kumite, she quotes the introduction to Ghostface Killah's 'Mighty Healthy' which is also from a scene from the martial arts film "Shoalin Rescuers".

Luna lamenting while Tom and Robert are tied up on the bed.

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Huey simply does not believe meeting someone so early is wise.