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Blackberry contacts not updating wirelessly

Enable additional synchronization settings if they're not configured appropriately and tap "Save" to complete the manual sync.

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Blackberry releases software updates regularly to enhance the performance and functionality of its many devices.

Our USB Sync will synchronize any Outlook Folder to Black Berry Desktop.

Go back to the address book icon on the Black Berry and click on the menu, then options.

Under Wireless Synchronization change NO back to YES then click save.

Click "Configure" from the main menu of the free Black Berry Desktop Manager and set the options so the data you intend to sync is transferred into the desktop Outlook app.

When you're done, connect your Black Berry using a USB cable and select "Device" and then "Back Up" from the main menu.

You may not always have the time or ability to do a physical synchronization with your PC and your Black Berry, but you can set up automatic and wireless syncing between your Black Berry smartphone and your Google Gmail contact list and calendar. Your Gmail contacts appear on your Black Berry and your Black Berry contacts show up on your Gmail account no matter where you access Gmail.On my old HTC Touch(running Windows Mobile), I could easily sync Outlook contacts with the device using Active Sync.However Active Sync worked only over a wired cable or via Bluetooth and there was no other wireless way of synchronizing contacts Blackberry on the other hand has an amazing wireless contact sync feature.Click "Save" to apply any new settings and to initiate the manual sync.The same wireless Outlook syncing functionality is present on a device running Black Berry OS 10.

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Your Black Berry automatically syncs data to the primary email account configured on the device, but you can also initiate a manual sync to the primary or additional accounts if you can't wait for the next data fetch.

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