Bginfo not updating

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That’s it you can now add that field and create new customization file.This customization is most widely required in BGInfo usage.Then rename the to Place all the files in a simple folder like c: Bginfo Files Needed there are: That’s the location for startup programs for all users. Bginfo when used in domain environment, it’s certainly usefull to configure a GPO whcih calls the BAT script when user logs on.Simply create a GPO or modify some existing GPO if you like.You can explore more such custom fields if you click on the Browse button in the Custom field creation Window.

Example of config:fs01share fs01share /accepteula /silent /timer 0I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and Bginfo too.

I can see where that might fix it, I really wanted a centerally located solution..i would rather have it automated than central. I'm not 100% sure that this is what I did then, but that's certainly what I would do now.

Create a "generic" domain user that's power user on every computer but remove the right to "Logon interactively" for that user.

How can we get the desktop background to be reset on logon, so that bginfo writes its new one with a clean slate?

Don't mind if this is a thing we need to add in addition to bginfo, or whether this is built into bginfo but we haven't found the option...?

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