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Beer dating codes

If I were the Hop Lord of All Brewing, that’d be one of my decrees – all beer should have a packaged and best before date.Another brewery that does it right is Bell’s, which is really not surprising.We hope you don’t grow too weary of the alcohol alliterative names we use…

You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.I know if I see a Hazy/New England IPA without a date on it, I’ll not buy the beer if were on the shelf.Hell, if I’m trying to decide between two beers to buy in a specific style I’m craving, maybe from different breweries, I’d probably lean towards the beer with the date stamping if only one of those beers had the date stamping.But maybe even worse is what comes off as a middle finger to the consumer.When, rather than a date stamp at the bottom of the can, the brewery decides to put a song title, a movie title, or some other random line of text that is anything other than either a “Canned On” or “Best Before” date. Clearly, the brewery has the capability at their disposal which provides them the ability and means to stamp something on the bottom of the can. Why waste effort and money in something that could likely be meaningless to a potential new consumer?

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Something that could be a potential barrier to a new customer. More educated craft beer drinkers are probably concerned about what date is on the beer, especially those who enjoy beers that are best enjoyed as close to the packaging date as possible: Hazy/New England IPAs, one of the hottest styles on the market.

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