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Disposable pens are made from plastic while refillable pens are made from either metal or plastic.

Some ballpoint pens have a retractable tip that is attached to a spring, which can be retracted or deployed by a button at the top of the pen.

Ballpoint pens that have been stored and unused for long periods are more susceptible to clogging problems than those that are used daily.

Hold the tip of the pen at the top of the flame of a cigarette lighter, or other flame source, for a two seconds.

Do not hold the tip of the pen in the flame longer than two seconds or you may melt the end of the pen.

The heat liquefies the resin, which is injected into a die cast mold, cooled and removed.

Excess plastic is then scrapped away, and the pieces are polished, cleaned and sent to assembly.

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Small pieces of metal are fed into a molding machine, which liquefies the metal and pours it into a compression chamber.

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