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Hello everyone , When EXACTLY is a pip award backdated to ?I won my tier 1 tribunal/ appeal yesterday ,after 23 months of fighting for itmy specific details are :-I ORIGINALLY 1st phoned pip in July 2013 to request to apply for it , I provided my basic details over the phone , yet I was unable to complete the form that was sent to me ,for very long time ,due to being overwhelmed with many problems I then called pip a second time in November 2014 , I eventually completed the form and returned it Early summer 2015 atos face 2 face , refused pip of course Requested the mandatory reconsideration promptly refused again ,as expected Completed the application to appeal Granted appeal tribunal date for December 2015, didn’t win that appeal / tribunal Requested the full statement of reasons in time on Then spent all this yr dealing with the tribunal courts people , requesting the statement of reasons repeatedly & waiting again and again ,even the regional judge put In writing that it would be provide in a FEW days , it never was .If you take someone with you to the assessment, their travel costs can also be paid back but only if they travel with you.Ask the receptionist at the assessment centre how to do this.The amount of support you can get depends on when you joined the scheme.

You have to have a good reason for them to rearrange it.You’ll need to make a claim for PIP within 4 weeks of getting your letter or your DLA will be suspended.If your pay is suspended, you’ll need to claim for PIP within 4 weeks of the start of your suspension or your DLA will be stopped completely.You may be asked to provide medical evidence including a letter from GP to prove you need a home visit.You can get travel expenses for going to your assessment paid back to you including parking.

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Citizen’s Advice have put together information about how to prepare for your assessment which you can find here: https:// They have also put together a “PIP assessment help sheet” which they recommend you print out and take to your assessment with you: https:// (public)/You can get a form to send information by post (although this can delay the decision on your claim).

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