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We ensure that you get the full scan time that is included with your package, so that's plenty of time for you to bond with your little one, and take in their amazing development and growth.

After your scan, we ensure you have lots of time and privacy to view your images, and select 2 large glossy printstake home with you, whilst providing you with immediate online access to all of your pictures anywhere and anytime via our photo locker, making sharing your special experience with friends and family easy.

While the NHS offer all women two scans during their pregnancy, you can have peace of mind with additional scans at Pall Mall Medical at any time throughout your pregnancy. If the baby is in the correct position we can also usually provide you with the gender in this scan. We will undertake an assessment of your baby's head, brain and face.

We believe that you and your partner, family and friends should share in a special experience meeting your baby in 3D & 4D and HD, and that it shouldn't cost the earth.If you are more than 8 weeks pregnant this is an accurate calculation, and will be used to estimate the date your baby is due to be born (known as estimated date of delivery or EDD).This scan is carried out between 11 2 weeks and 14 1 weeks and measures the amount of fluid lying under the skin at the back of your baby’s neck and combines this result with results from blood samples, your age, weight, weeks of pregnancy, family origin and whether you smoke into a computer programme at the laboratory to work out the risk (chance) figure for Down’s Syndrome. This is a screening test that checks for possible physical problems with your baby.We don’t hide any extras or gotchas in our pricing, but if you want to purchase a DVD or CD we do still sell these too.A wide range of extras are available including gender reveal products such as balloons, cannons and fireworks, as well as keepsake bears containing baby's heartbeat, photo frames and even a small selection of baby wear.

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