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3) Selling via private sale / treaty can often prove to be less expensive than an auction, as marketing campaigns for private sale properties are usually not as extensive.It is important to discuss and compare the costs to sell via auction vs private sale with your agent.Due to Blizzard's addon restrictions, you will have to click "Approve" once for each listing. To buy an item with Auction Lite, type the name of the item you want into the "Buy" tab and click "Search" (or control-right-click an item in your bags).If your search returns only one kind of item, you'll see a list of all auctions for that item, sorted by the per-item buyout price (or per-item bid price, if no buyout price is available).Auction Lite is smart enough to find the absolute minimal cost in most cases, including cases where you can buy more items to get a lower total price.If you would like Auction Lite to consider the resale value of excess items when making this decision (e.g., you ask for 10 items, but you'd rather get 11 at 101g than 10 at 100g), then you can enable the "Consider Resale Value" option (use "/al config").If you enjoy using Auction Lite, please consider making a donation via Paypal: Buying items: Type an item name into the "Buy" tab and click "Search".

Auction Lite will incorporate all of the price data that your searches return into its historical data.

4) Selling via a private sale / treaty method often can take more time than an auction.

This is because there is no specific end date to give prospective buyers a sense of urgency.

For this reason, private sales / treaties can be beneficial in that sellers have more time to consider offers made by potential buyers and vice versa.

2) Private sales / treaties are suited to sellers that do not have an urgency to sell, and where they may be open to accepting different sale terms, such as an extended settlement period, sale subject to finance or subject to the sale of the buyer’s home.

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No deadline may also mean that potential purchasers may not be motivated to act as quickly.