Asus updating mobile

Posted by / 16-Aug-2020 06:34

Asus updating mobile

To those of you that are getting prompted for an update but nothing to update, as others said earlier, it's Kaspersky, Daemon tools, and winrar.These software packages were offered to install from the Grid which you most likely opted out of.

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Here is the problem every time I hit the Update button EZ Update acts like it is updating to the latest version and even tells me after supposedly finishing installing the latest version of the driver, it tells me that the updates has finished.

I close EZ update and go and check and i'm still stuck with version and not version EZ update did nothing and never updated to the latest driver version and in top of that EZ update keeps popping in my screen telling me that I have an update but every time I try to update it never updates to the latest version I'm not usually a poster but with this specific time i am having this issue with the insistence of Ez update recurring Intel chipset driver version and where i did actually get this driver installed requiring the already installed chipset driver from new to be uninstalled specifically installing the new driver before restarting the machine .....(say no to restart after uninstalling the old one in device manager and go ahead and install the new one ).

It's a glitch I believe and the three are the Daemon Tools, Kaspersky, and Win Rar downloads you can obtain through Grid update. I click Connect and the EZ Update tells me that there is a new update called ( Intel Chipset driver .

I keep getting this thing called EZ Update popping in my screen telling me that I have a new update.

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When I updated the drivers, the driver date changes but the version stays the same (12.184.6 which I'm assuming is the same version it's showing for everyone else) I tried to force the drivers in through powershell, but it still didn't work (if anyone else wants to give it a shot here's the script) First, I disabled auto install drivers in the OS by going to Control Panel - Device Installation settings.