Astring o sol dating marathon

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Astring o sol dating marathon

They talk about the 10 million feet of lumber used in construction; the 2,500 workmen employed on the job; the more than 4,000 railway freight cars that brought in supplies and equipment; the 25 miles of pipe laid in the town and mill; the 20 million gallons of water used every 24 hours by the mill—and a lot of other things, all staggering in size and volume.

But a town is only as interesting as its people and I was more interested in seeing what made them tick than 1 was in looking at long rows of figures on a chart.

Two immense stacks of barked pulp stood along the rim óf the bay, looking for all the world like giant toothpicks spilled from a box.

It had been cut by men like the big, tobaccochewing Frenchman and rafted behind tugs from the mouth of the swirling, muddy Pic river, 12 miles across the bay.

No Welcome for No-Goods The first man I met at Marathon was a little, stooped individual who liked to talk about dogs. Lots of fellas lyin’ around these parts in graves nobody bothered to mark.

As I stepped off the train he offered to carry my bags down the sand and gravel slope leading to the hotel. They tell me one night a big dice game was on when a dog walked into the room luggin’ a man’s head in its mouth. Just kept rollin’ the dice.”One thing you have to get accustomed to in Marathon is the fact it is a company town.

But this was only part of the Marathon success story.

There was the mill, completed and in production a scant 16 months after actual construction work started.

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Those towering stacks of pulpwood seemed symbolic of this bustling new town.

They were food for the mill; payday for the town’s 1,200 people; indeed father and mother to the town itself.

He gnawed at a plug of tobacco and began pacing up and down the station platform at Marathon, Ont. I saw the new mill where 450 are employed—five acres of it sprawled at the foot of Peninsula mountain.

A flaming three-inch beard covered his chin and cheeks. I saw the new homes, all neat and bright in their parklike surroundings.

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