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Armory not updating 4 0

Over time, more designs were added, and the company continued to grow!After the success of The Key Armory, we branched out to create three additional subsidiaries - 1) Sword Clips, 2) Bottle Blades & 3) Sword Drives.It's been tweaked so that "super gain from guarding is more consistent between Pv E and Pv P," Bungie says.Ursa Furiosa has been absurdly overpowered in Pv P for months, providing functionally infinite supers if you can block even a little bit of damage, but it sounds like this change has finally reigned it in.This should make summoning your Primeval first less punishing.Perhaps most importantly, activity and destination loading times have been dramatically improved on PS4 and Xbox a week away, but before that we've got a juicy new Destiny 2 update to experience.

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So we ultimately created Hero's Armory, where the everyday hero can stock up on anything they need to be legendary!

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However, an infamous non-Exotic has been nerfed: the Escalation Protocol Ikelos shotgun, long hailed as the best Pv E energy weapon.

Its unique perk, Trench Barrel, now expires after three shots.

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The Chaos Reach fix which will make canceling your super early more worthwhile is coming next week.

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