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Ang dating daan vs gma 7

The sketch incorporates new technologies by using Macbook laptops and i Pads as reference materials, being shown using Facebook as references and sometimes playing games, most notably Temple Run.

Parody of Twilight's sequel New Moon, starring Ogie Alcasid as Eduardo (spoof of Edward Cullen), Rufa Mae Quinto as Mella (parody of Bella Swan), Antonio Aquitania as Jacol (parody of Jacob Black) and Michael V. Appeared only once and aired exactly one week before Christmas.

The group believes that the presentation was biased and unfair.

The CU episode tackles the rape case filed by a dismissed member of ADD for filthy living against the leader of the group, Bro. The case had been earlier dismissed for lack of evidence.

The host (Arnold Clavio) in the episode interviewed the accuser and witnesses from the prosecution side. GMA-7 allowed it to be broadcast last 2009 and allowed it again recently, which is a clear violation of a rule of court on the cases that are presently being heard: the sub judice rule.

According to the Supreme Court decision on Nestle Philippines vs.

If not, what did you expect to talk about in the interview then? This public pre-judgment from what maybe the impact of the program is what the ADD group sees as needing to be corrected.

The TV Network tried to sound fair when they said that they tried to get the side of the respondent. Why would they still insist on an interview with the respondent?

It is a simple and peaceful protest form against GMA-7 and its sister station. They simply deleted Channels 7 and 11 from their TV programs. Let the respondent defend himself in the proper venue, and not on GMA-7 program.

Together with its sister station, GMA-7 has just prejudged Brother Eli in the public eye.

That includes Channel 11 which is also owned by the GMA Network.

They are simply expressing our grievance upon the re-airing of the episode Case Unclosed (CU) program in the said station.

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Sanchez, “The sub judice rule restricts comments and disclosures pertaining to judicial proceedings to avoid prejudging the issue, influencing the court, or obstructing the administration of justice.