An unknown error occurred while validating the server dns time updating software

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Even so, I added a rule to explicitly allow TCP/UDP port 53 from this server.I disabled Windows Server 2008 firewall to eliminate it from the picture, even though it has multiple built-in rules on all profiles to explicitly allow port 53 and even allow all traffic from DNS Service. When I first open nslookup, it doesn't find this DNS server it's running on and I have manually set the server.Not nice, but it works most of the time (error rate is down from ~ 10% to ~ 1%).Update for those who got this issue for VS2013 or VS2015 after upgrading a VS200X setup project using the Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects extension.I have been getting complaints from my staff that web browsing has been drastically slower.I find that when I statically assign a google DNS things start working fine. The Active Directory definition of this resource record is corrupt or contains an invalid DNS name. When I attempt to ping one DNS server to another it looks like it is resolving an IPv6 address instead of the IPv4. When I attempt to view the Name Servers from the DNS properties window I get "an unknown error has occurred when trying to validate the server". If you are still suffering this issue then you can try to change the DWORD value for the following registry value to 0: That error didn't stop me from deploying, building, debugging (or anyting) my project it just annoyed me.And it came on even if I set all projects to be build in a current configuration and the setup project not to.

Still same nondescript SERVFAIL error, but nothing else. Is there an 'established' rule to allow any outbound requests (other than http and https) to the 2008 server?

Can you mimic the 2003 server's rules in the firewall for the 2008's server's IP?

As a test, unplug the 2003 server, then change the 2008 server's IP to the one the 2003 server is using, then test it. (of course do this after hours, especially if the 2003 server is a prod server).

I'm migrating one of my clients from Windows Server 2003 to 2008.

However, DNS recursive query and nslookup are failing on the new 2008 DC.

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