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Amir khan dating

A few months ago, while Faryal was expecting her second child, she made a desperate call to save her marriage.

Like every typical Pakistani household, the Khans, too, come in the list. He further added that his wife had a heated telephonic conversation with Faryal’s mother which gave, Amir mother an anxiety attack.

The fresh face of Bollywood Fatima who was seen giving an explosive performance in Dangal has been linked with stories of dating veteran actor Amir Khan.

But it seems the things aren’t too nice at Khan residence amid the cheating scandal as something new emerges.The typical gharelu masle are now coming to the surface and in front of the whole world. Seems like the Khans can’t solve their own problems and have to bring everything to social media. Shah even clicked a photo of her when she’s being taken out of the ambulance and sent it to Amir.Anyway, this time, Shah Khan, Amir’s father, claimed that Amir’s wife, Faryal has been controlling him and has also accused her of trying to break the family apart. A bunch of strangers, whom I’ve never met, are writing things about me. People reading it assume that I’m ‘not a good person’.You feel like telling that person, ‘Ask me, I’ll give you an answer’.

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