Am i dating a sociopath

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Am i dating a sociopath

However, for the empathetically challenged, these things can be incredibly boring.

We see plenty of depictions of sociopaths in fiction, but they tend to be fairly two-dimensional characters and often play the villains.People will tell you this and that about sociopaths, and they are usually painted in a negative light.However, you’ll find that emotions have a sliding scale – just because someone doesn’t exhibit the same amount of emotion in the same way, doesn’t mean that they don’t care about anyone.They have a great deal of charm and can be quite eloquent, with plenty of interesting stories and a number of interests that just make them seem like an average extrovert. Since sociopaths don’t really care about the repercussions, nor do they have a pronounced fear of failure like a lot of other people do, you’ll often see them making questionable decisions.However, they are not rash and impulsive – each decision they make is carefully calculated – it’s just that they prefer high-risk, high-reward options to the slower and safer low-reward ones.

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If tragedy strikes or there is a financial crisis, don’t expect them to break down in tears.

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