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Robert Plant, best known as the front man for Led Zeppelin, would return to his rock roots.

Yet his upcoming album, ' Band of Joy,' has more in common with ' Raising Sand' than any Led Zeppelin sound.

By 2012, among 41 nominations, Alison has won 27 Grammy Awards.

She is the most awarded female artist and a singer in Grammy history.

After sharing marital relation for four years, Alison had a divorce with Pat in the year 2001. As Alison is separated with her husband, there exist many rumors about her dating but most of them are not verified.

Being a popular celebrity, there is no doubt that she will have a rumor on her and her relationship status.

I spent three, four, five years never playing a Zeppelin song, from 1981 onwards, because I didn't just want to lean on Zeppelin.

I've gone from being in that huge band to picking up the pieces of my own gift."Credit Robert's friendship with Alison for helping him rediscover his joy in family music."She loves to sit around in the parlor singing those old songs with whichever family's coming into town," Robert tells the U. publication ' The Independent' of Alison, "in the same way that my grandfather used to do in the Black Country: they'd sit around with fiddles and sing.

At the age of five, Alison started studying classical violin and then switched to bluegrass.To know more about her, one can follow her in social net working sites.More about her biography can be obtained from wiki.She has been able to maintain her beauty and physique even at this age. With her charismatic voice and charming personality, she has stolen million of hearts all around the world. Krauss has been maintaining privacy in her personal life right after her divorce with her husband Pat Bergeson.She also owns a wonderful height, which suits her personality very well. In the year 1997, Alison married her boyfriend Pat Bergeson.

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By winning the local contests at the age of ten, Alison entered in the music industry and today she is one of the successful singers with number of fans and well wishers.

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