Air force rules on dating

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Air force rules on dating

I don't have any advice but my wife and I are from NY and also in FL now, she is a civilian and having the same issue. But seriously, best thing to do would be to find some hobby you can do together that has a social element. She is a police officer off base so her job is far more stressful than most jobs in AF and her time is pretty much occupied with either working or making sure she gets a plenty of rest.

Then you can both meet people in a setting that is not the military. To the OP, if you plan on being with her longterm then take the time to explain the lingo to her.

Partly because I have 3 young kids and partly because we hang out with civilians most times.

So like everyone else is saying, hang out with her friends.

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All the rest are military wives/girlfriends, but they're all active duty mil to mil, that I have introduced her. My wife has her degree, full time job and basically can't stand military wives.

The issue I run into now is that my girlfriend only has one or two of her own civilian friends.

Just started dating an army officer-turned-law-student and not sure what to make of things.

He's definitely very different from all my civilian boyfriends, so I wanted to get some anonymous opinions.

Lately, I've tried to talk about subjects that aren't geared toward military, but it always comes back to that. I've been in for eight years and seldom hang out with dudes from work. We just have a lot of civilian friends that we do things with.

Overseas is a different story but you two aren't married and don't have to worry about that.

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Is life at the United States Air Force Academy easy?

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