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We spend most of our days, during most of the week, at our workplace.

Therefor you spend a lot of time with the people you work with, and there’s a certain familiarity that builds. And sometimes you may find yourself wanting to extend your friendship with a particular co-worker, and see if there’s any possibility for romance.

The world is full of people who are lazy, selfish, and untalented but how many people actually describe themselves as such? We Teach People How to Treat Us This can be one of those obnoxious statements that doesn’t really ever seem to make sense. Basically it means the best time to set the rules of a relationship is in the beginning of the game.How do you determine the difference between a “normal” flaw, quirk, or weakness in your husband, or a serious personality or character defect that can destroy your self-esteem or marriage?Thousands of women are married to good men, yet they want a divorce (which is why I wrote You’re Married to a Great Guy – Why Aren’t You Happy? Your husband’s flaws and weaknesses are “normal” when they DON’T leave lasting physical or emotional scars on your body and soul.Accepting your partner’s flaw is easier when…You are aware of your own quirks, weaknesses, and bad habits. It’s easier for me to accept my husband’s weaknesses when I remind myself of my own.Perhaps the best ways to accept your partner’s flaws is to be aware of and accept your own. My problem is that I’m very hard on myself for my mistakes, and this sometimes spills over into my marriage (I’m sometimes hard on Bruce for his mistakes).

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You should accept your husband for who he is when you can tell your friends and family all about his quirks without being ashamed or embarrassed (not that you should or would want to spread around your husband’s flaws!

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